We are myhash Technology and Finance in real time.


Your assets will be managed

and stored in the safest and

most reliable.


Geta central acces point to the

new financial economy and easy,

integrated banking.


Stay ahead of the vanguard and benefit

from a broader reach that combines

crypto banks and digital assets.

My Hash Token is a cryptocurrency that will be used 

by Swiss private Banks, experts say that the scope 

Will be gigantic, as it Will be a structure for the 

beginning of popularization in the banking sector.


The launch of the myhash token will take place in

the world’s largest brokers, where all 

cryptocurrency traders will have the privilege of 

buying and selling, with an estimated value of $1,000 by mid-2021.


Traditional bankers are betting heavily on the project 

that will have a global reach, with the limitation of

1,000,000 “myhashtoken”, several Swiss private banks 

will start to implement the new tokenization function.


We are a Swiss group of private banks and corporate wealth management, founded by former UBS bankers, we received a banking license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, know as FINMA, in August 2019. To fulfill what you consider with growing demand, the group will offer transaction solutions, as well as consolidated portfolio overviews for traditional and digital assets.

We are a holding company of a group of companies linked to the field technology and cryptocurrencies. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, where our business group is located, our area of expertise is based on crypto trading, mining, and artificial intelligence. We use the best professionals in the field to make a profit using crypto. We will be the first CriptoBank company in the world to train ordinary users in blockchain experts.


We want to inspire confidence and empower people to operate in a blended economy for digital assets with  cryptobank.

We will offer our clients secure and vertically integrated services, covering the entire life cycle a financial product in cryptoassets.

Digital custody services

Solutions for clients and investments

Transaction bank

Asset Tokenization

Crypto secured loan


It is a totally innovative system with the intention of increasing income through a tokenization system.

Yes, our system was created with an indication platform.

It is very easy, you should to register and then you can choose one of our packages and you will be registered to receive our bonuses.

You can find packages from USD100 to USD50,000

No, the coins are already mined.

We use the best current mining system and we are working together with the best Swiss banks.

Because it is a unique and completely sustainable ecosystem, we have a license from the Swiss banking sector for the use of tokens.

Invest in your future today, be a pioneer into something that will revolutionize the cryptobank sector